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Corsair HS70 SE Reviews

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HS70 SE WIRELESS Gaming Headset (AP) - Oheshop-Online Shopping

Corsair is a good gaming headset and when it comes to peripherals, they have a very good design. The HS70 is the wireless variant of the HS60, and both headsets are similar. They have a good build quality and great padding on the ear cups and headband that makes you comfortable when putting it on your ear. The microphone is so nice, and you can use the Corsair iCUE software to customize the sound of your headset. The battery is so superb and can last you a day without charging it.


Another thing I will share that we experimented is the performance, HS70 SE really impressed me with their performance. It has a long battery life, which lasts about 16 hours on a full charge when you are playing your games and another thing is that the mic is fantastic and lovely, The mic comes through clean, and employs ducking-type compression so that any type of noise is quieted when you’re talking, and your voice comes out loud and clear. The sound is of great quality when you are playing games with it, you will hear the sound so clearly especially the bass, The bass is loud, giving it a lot of rumbles so games as well as movies (especially those with lots of action and explosions).  it’s even more spectacular, so much so it feels like you’re sitting in a movie theater.

Finally, thanks to its low-latency, 2.4GHz wireless signal with a range that extends up to 40 feet, so amazing and I love it more because of that, the sound always comes out accurate and on point. In fact, I didn’t notice any delay at all during my tests. Hs70 SE is so fantastic and very good, you won’t have any regret using it because everything you need in a headset the corsair HS70 SE has it. you can take look at amazon and make your choice and see more about HS70 E.

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